Do you ever….

sit at work, knowing that there are goodies in your mailbox that you have to wait for! I am going crazy with waiting right now. The package has been delivered. My mailbox is about 1 mile from my office and I can’t get to it for another 2 hours!!!! I may go insane 😉

Speaking of goodies, I got the most delectable bag-o-charms in the mail yesterday from my new friends at Scrapadabadoo. Now being the lucky mom of a six year old girlie girl is very fun…until she wants to steal all of my scrap supplies from me! I literally opened the envelope and away the bag-o-charms went. About 5 minutes later back she came, holding a wooded board in her hand with all the charms laid out for inspection. Then I was instructed to pick out the ones I wanted. I looked at her and promptly informed her that all the charms were mine. She smiled at me and said well I am going to make you a necklace tonight. I ended up giving her about 1/2 of the 60+ charms in the bag. Fast forward 30 minutes and look what I got!

Neckalce from Mimi

I love this necklace. She then told me what each charm stood for. The dress is for “shopping”, the peace sign is for “good Luck”, the little love charm is for “I love you”, the two hearts stand for “I will never leave you”, the house is for “Don’t be late to School” the angel is “Always remember Grammy Pat” and the Key is “Don’t lock your Keys in the car!” I was laughing and crying at the same time. What a wonderful daughter I have, I am truly truly blessed!

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2 Responses to Do you ever….

  1. Carol says:

    What a lovely thing a daughter is. You are so blessed to have a little one that is so kind, loving and thoughful. I was especially touched by the remember Grammy Pat…I am so glad that you love your charms and I hope you will stop buy the store again for more goodies. Blessings

  2. Fairyrocks says:

    Your little girl sounds like a sweetie!!

    Love your blog, very inspiring work
    Pam J.C.

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