New Challenge #11 at Project 52!!


Challenge #11 3-D Figure (jointed, pattern, stuffed, simple/complicated, on stand, wall display, sitting, painted, glued, stitched, very open options, etc…)
Theme – Gods & Goddesses (human, animal, cultural myth, invented, etc…)
Required Material– Fibers (ribbon, yarn, string, lace, floss, cord, etc…)

I did a bit of reading on Medusa in order to brush up on my mythology . I was always fascinated by her in my school days and was interested to find that her story left me feeling very sad.
We always see her depicted as a monster, lolling tongue, turning anyone who dares look at her into stone. In fact it is said that she was the most beautiful of three gorgon sisters, the only one with mortal attributes. She was known for her great beauty, especially her gorgeous hair, until Athena turned it into a head full of snakes.

This doll is meant to show Medusa in a private moment, alone, broken and mourning her brutally lost virginity and beauty. Gorgons are said to be from the sea so I tried to keep her in her element.

I started with 2 styrofoam balls, shaped the smaller on into her face and covered with Modge Podge and tea stained crepe paper. Her hair is made from peacock feathers and the snakes from braided and twisted embroidery floss that I stiffened by coating with Elmer’s Glue. The snake heads were formed with Prima flower petals.

Her dress was the funnest part! I used Glimmer Mist and Alcohol Ink on gauze bandage, tulle and crepe paper..enough glimmer mist that everything was soaked…ran the crepe paper under some warm water to mix and mute the color a bit and then blasted everything with my heat gun. The heat created the waves and rolls in the paper!

I was so inspired by this challenge and know you will be too!

For a view into the doll making process click HERE
Materials Used:

~Styrofoam balls
~Wire armature
~Modge Podge (Matte)
~Melissa Frances Crepe Paper
~Tea (for staining)
~Elmer’s Glue
~Embroidery Floss
~Glimmer Mist (Tiger Lily, Jazz ~Gauze Bandage
~Prima Flowers (snake heads)
~Peacock FeathersBlue and Key Lime Pie)
~Eggplant Alcohol Ink (Ranger)
~Pearl topped Pins (Making Memories)

Make sure to check out the Project 52 Blog. The P52 designers have come up with some very inspirational pieces for you to draw from!
Official Rules:

The winner of this challenge will receive a $20 Gift Card to shop like a Bad Girl in the Bad Girl Shoppe! Be sure to leave a blog comment here first!

Three Rules to Follow:
1.Follow the challenge guidelines exactly
2.Post your project in the specific “Project 52” gallery with the title “Challenge #11 – 3D Figure” before March 20th Midnight Pacific Time
3.Link your layout to the Challenge #11 Thread in the Project 52 forum

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4 Responses to New Challenge #11 at Project 52!!

  1. Laura D. says:

    Leslie, this is amazing! I’ve always loved Medusa’s story, found her to be very misunderstood in people’s general knowledge of mythology. I think you’ve captured the feeling beautifully.

  2. Kristine L says:

    Absolutely fabulous my most talented friend!!!

  3. Pearl says:

    OMG ! You soooo crazy talented Leslie ! amazing creation here ! wow x3 ! all the details & crafting the doll face etc !!!Just amazing !

    thank you soo much for your blog visit too !;)

  4. Paula says:

    Wow, she is absolutely stunning! What an inspiration!
    Much Love

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