Lots going on at BAD GIRLS!!!

Make sure to hop on over to the Bad Girls  forum today and check out Jaz’s  new Bleuprint!  You will be so inspired by this one!  I know I was. 

Jaz's Fabulous Polka Dot Bleuprint!!!


As soon as I saw all those gorgeous polka dots I knew I had to scrap these pictures of Mia in her poodle shirk that I have been holding onto.

Polka Dot Poodle Skirt

Isn’t she adorable!  I would like to send her right back to that time and do the last couple years over again…she is growing up too fast!

I had a blast with this layout, remembering making the skirt for her and how happy she was to get all dressed up for the dance.  I had saved some of the fabric from the overskirt and incorporated it into the page as well. 

The hint of hot pink lace, and some recycled black packing material just add a bit of contrast.

But my favorite part of all was my try at acrylic transfers.  I used it to get the definition of Polka Dots onto a piece of fabric.

This is a technique that let’s you transfer photocopies onto fabric using an acrylic medium.  I used gesso here.  I am very new to this technique but loved the result!  There are several good tutorials on You Tube and I might try to add one of my own here if I get the time.  Remember if you want to read any transferred printed material to flip it so you are using a mirror image before the transfer. 🙂

Also!!!!  DO NOT Forget that a Brand NEW challenge will be posted on Monday at the Project 52  blog. 

I would love to see all of you try your hand at this next one.  I got really into it but you will have to wait to see what craziness I came up with until the reveal! 😉  If you are hesitant about joining a mixed media challenge because you’ve never tried anything like it before I urge you to just jump in and give it a try.  I am finding that these challenges are really a great way to expand my scrapping ideas, not to mention that they are just plain fun.  Project 52 is the place to go if you want to create like a child again.  No boundaries, tons of inspiration and loads of support! 

Come and play with us!!!

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