Button button….who’s got the Button?!?!

LOL…newest challenge is up and running at Bad Girls Project 52!  You’ve got three weeks to give us your take on this fabulous challenge.  Here’s the skinny!

Challenge #12 3~D Homes

  3~D Homes:  {paper, board, fabric, box, metal etc. Any material choice.  All sides must be considered, Art in the round!!}

THEME: Dreams  {past/present/future, actualized or not, night/day etc.}

REQUIRED MATERIAL:   Buttons {any type/shape/size/number/color/material}


The winner of this challenge is the next Guest Designer for Project 52!  So make sure you give this one a go.   

Here’s some more pics of the inspiration pieces from the P52 Design Team.

So now the story of the Button House…and you knew there had to be a story right? 🙂

I always find it interesting when people tell me they are not creative.  I think everyone is creative.  I am always surprised by the ideas people have if they just open up to them!

I guess I am lucky that I was always told I was creative, my whole life.  So it was never an option to not be.  Now, there are many times when the most creative of people find themselves with no ideas in their heads.  Or even worse too many ideas.  This was my problem with this challenge. 

The Dream House you see here was my third go-round.  The first failed miserably and I am still not totally over it…I was trying to use a round glass vase, fill it with silky ribbons with my dreams written on them and try to somehow incorporate the buttons.  The button became my sticking point.  Not to mention that the vase ended up looking heavy and clunky and just plain UGLY!  Not what I was going for at all.

Dream House Take Two…

I then started a soft sculpture of a cloud.  I was using a large chipboard base, cotton batting and a white shirt to cover the cloud.  I wanted to use the shirt because it was beautifully embroidered and I thought it would be a fun way to incorporate buttons.  Truthfully I was kind of liking it.  Then Mia saw it.  There were several comments.  The one that sticks out was “That shirt on there makes it look really wierd…not like a cloud at all!”  My honest wonderful six-year-old!  Gotta love her pluck!  I tossed the cloud.  Then tossed and turned all night.

Buttons buttons everywhere!  I finally decided that the button needed to be my focus, not something I just tried to throw in because it was required.  Things took off from there.

I love my button dream house.  I had a friend a long time ago who told me she only dreamt in black & white.  I remember feeling very sad for her because my dreams are in Technicolor, vivid, full and magical!  So this project became my realization of Dreaming in Color.

The moral of this story (if anyone is still reading…) is to just give these challenges a shot.  Maybe you will love your ideas right from the start, maybe you will toss a few and have to start over.  The point is in the doing…in the journey.  Don’t judge yourself but be happy with what you do.  Hope to see your Dream House at P52!!!!!

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5 Responses to Button button….who’s got the Button?!?!

  1. I just adore your button house and the story how you got there! I must also agree – you are very creative. 😉

  2. wendela says:

    this is outstanding Leslie!! it’s so creative!!


  3. Fairyrocks says:

    You are the Button Master !!!!
    Lovely Blog BTW

  4. finnabair says:

    the most amazing house I’ve ever seen!!! great idea and creation!

  5. MargieH says:

    WOW! That is one cool BUTTON HOUSE!
    Great colors and such a great project 🙂

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