Art Walk

Tonight was the Art Walk at Mia’s school.  It was so fun to see how excited she was for the family to go see her art work.

Mia and I do a lot of art at home and she’s been taking a class once a week as well.  She wanted to do a mixed media canvas about her favorite subject, dogs.

She watched me doing my first canvas last week and had all my paints, mists, flowers and glazes ready to go the other day.  I really enjoyed watching her put everything together she knew exactly what she wanted to do and just put it together with no hesitation or second guessing. 

 So proud of her!

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7 Responses to Art Walk

  1. Carol says:

    Our newest up and coming start! Great Job Mia, you are a true inspiration to all of us who are crafters just like you! Keep up the good work, and just remember to share the scrapbooking supplies with your mom !

  2. Jordan says:

    Love you both.

  3. IZABELA says:

    BEAUTIFUL JOB MIA…Leslie she is so wonderful. Everything you shared about her so far with me is wonderful…from her hair to her art 🙂 BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL GIRL.

  4. I thought it was a mural until you put her into the photo!

  5. Fairyrocks says:

    Wow Mia does such detailed thoughtful creating…
    She is your daughter for sure!!!

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