More Baskets

I got to go camping with Mia’s Daisy troop this weekend and was very happy to get to learn some Chumash Indian basket making techniques.   This is my first attempt, done in about 15 minutes, so pretty rough.  We used raffia and a large embroidery needle.


Once we got home I decided to try again, this time using an old silk kimono and embroidery floss.  Again, it’s rough…but it’s a start.  These are very small baskets standing only 6 inches high or so.  I really want to weave a larger shape but need to choose materials first.  I’ll show you what I come up with when I finish it.  Thanks for looking!


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1 Response to More Baskets

  1. Ann Marie says:

    Very cool effects!! LOVE the colors & look of your silk kimono basket 🙂 Did Mia get to make a basket during camp, too? Can’t wait to see your larger basket!!

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