Here is my tribute to Isadora Duncan, the first lady of modern dance.  I was a dancer for 17 years until my knees got the best of me and Isadora was always my inspiration.  She was amazing, casting aside the norms of the day like corsets and stockings to dance in flimsy tunics and bare feet.  She danced “with” not “to” the music.  And, as is the story with many great icons, she met a tragic and untimely end.  Partial to long flowing scarves, she was decapitated when one of them was caught in the spokes of her automobile.

She personifies the feeling of dance for me, freedom at its fullest!

Check out the link to the rest of the album for this project.

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Time To Catch Up! and a little RAK…

 Wow…it’s been a busy time trying to get back on schedule after Spring Break.  It seems I have more trouble every year getting it back together…need a permanent vacation I think.

So first things first…GOT LACE?????  I do 🙂  I had ordered a bunch from my good friends Barrie and Carol at Scrapadabadoo.  You need to get some.  I have been just looking at it and looking at it.  GORGEOUS!  And no, I am not going to share mine so don’t even ask.  You just have to go over and order your own.

Barrie made Mia’s day as well.  When the package arrived there were all kinds of neat goodies in it for her, stickers and scrap lace and some papers…I had one happy little artist!  She wants to move to Hawaii and live with Barrie…(don’t tell anyone but so do I!) 🙂

They are carrying a lot of good stuff at Scrapadabadoo…be on the lookout for the new Punky Sprouts chip albums coming soon…I adore these and can’t wait to get my hands on one!

They are also have a RAK over at the blog.  All you need to do is download a super easy template for a paper box and post your creation to their site.  Here’s mine!  I am usually all thumbs when it comes to templates…I am not as orderly as I should be and tend to just cut and fold whereever…but even I couldn’t mess this one up!  I used some pretty Prima paper and crackled it for a different finish.  It also helped stiffen up the box a bit.  I added some feather, Prima flowers and pearls.  And to finish it off some of that beautiful lace…I almost hated to use it.  What a great little gift for someone.  So any takers??? 


First one to do the blog challenge and post a comment linking it back here will get this box!

Last but not least you need to go over to Impress 2 Bless  my friend Aimee’s new Etsy shop.  She is a fabulously talented mixed media artist who I was honored to work with over at Project 52.  This is her new venture and all the proceeds from her jewelry allow her to help out people in need of a little extra.  What a great idea.  I wish her tons of success with this and was lucky enough to get this gorgeous bracelet before anyone else snapped it up!

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Art Supplies DO grow on trees!


Who knew?  LOL  When in Hawaii it is hard for me not to collect.  I’m a nature freak so I always have a pocket or bag full of shells, beach glass, trinkets from the local shops (oh maybe that last one isn’t really nature!).   Well, there’s not much shopping on Molokai and I wanted to make some things for us to take home as a reminder of how much fun we have there. 

First along came Coco Fish. 

She started as a lowly dried coconut living out her days after falling of the tree in peace and quiet…until I came along!

I painted up some banana palm leaves for fins and her tail, coated them with Glossy Accents and she was ready for a swim!

Mia is totally in love with her and I am too!

After working with the banana palm leaves I wanted to try my hand at a basket. 

I figured I would start out small and see how it went.  The leaves even when dried are waxy feeling and pretty flexible.  I peeled them into thin strips and then started winging it.

Because it was so small I found it pretty hard to manage until I got about 1/2 way up.  I did a messy weave on purpose because I wasn’t going for a uniform look.

Here it is.  It is very delicate and tiny only about 4 inches high.  I wasn’t sure how I wanted to finish the top but knew I wanted it to look wild and rustic.  So I braided most of the pieces together and left a few as “stems” for some gorgeous e line flowers from Prima.  It’s a perfect hiding place for a special little shell.  I brought a big stack of leaves home with me and just might try another one!


And who knows what other projects they might make their way into!?!?!?

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What Will You Dream

You’ve got to check out The Color Room.    Great new site with a color palette challenge, forum and loads of talent!!!!

Here is my take on their first palette challenge. I am not a huge fan of yellow but it seems to be creeping into some of my recent work. I loved that Mimi’s shirt matched 3 of the palette colors.

I am excited to be using a canvas again, Mod Podged on some fabric and lace, cut out my journaling from a magazine, topped it off with Thickers inked yellow, Stickles, glitter, glass beads and some silk flowers.

Now Mia will hang it next to her bunk bed…for sweet dreams!

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Crafting in Paradise

What could be better than carving out some crafty time on vacation!!?!?!  I know it makes me feel like I have nothing but time when I can actually make a layout without having anything else calling to me.


So here it is…Molokai Style.  I used a picture from last year’s vacation here. 

 And wanted to show true Molokai Style, vibrant but kicked back, highlighting the beauty of the island with palm fronds, banana leaves, shells and seed pods.  All the things I love to collect and look at.  Add some Glimmer Mist, yummy lace and it is done.

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Making Leis

Making leis this morning, early, with the sunrise, before anyone else was awake.  I enjoyed my quiet time listening to the birds and the roosters and watching the morning light play over the palms. 

Yesterday we drove out to the other end of the island to visit Papuhaku Beach.   Papuhaku is a three-mile long, white-sand beach and the longest in Hawaii.   We had the entire place to ourselves, does it get any better than that???

Mia splashed in a tide pool as the water is too rough to swim in.  There were shells everywhere and I collected more thanI should have.

We had lunch in Kalaupapa and I became completely obsessed with the outside of the restaurant…. I just love how everything here is weathered and tattered and not the least bit polished up.

We were wiped out and had an early night…I think I was napping at 5:30, woke up to make everyone dinner and back in bed by 7.  Vacation schedule is starting to kick in…. too bad we only have a couple more days.

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Molokai Mo Betta!

Yes…it is.  Without a doubt this is the most wonderful place on earth.  At least according to me! 🙂

We figured out that this is my 11th or 12th time to Hawaii since 1990.  I can’t believe that I’ve been lucky enough to travel here so many times.  It’s Mia’s thrid trip and she is having the time of her life. 

We’ve been hanging loose, no schedule, nothing to do but swim, sun, go on nature walks and watch movies. 

Dad was able to crack open a fresh coconut from one of the trees on the property and he and Mia scarfed it right from the shell.  I toasted some of it as well and served it up over fresh banana pancakes the next day.

We got to Honolulu 45 minutes early on Wednesday and were able to catch the 1:15 hop to Molokai.  Since we were originally booked on the 4:10 we gained a ton of extra time.  Our luggage even made it!


After loading up at the market we took to main road East until we arrived at the house.  There was time to unpack, sear some Ahi on the grill and have a nice swim in the pool.  Mia surprised us all by loosing her front tooth so the tooth fairy had to make a visit to the Island!

l before the day caught up with us and we went to bed.

We’ve gone into town and looked around a bit.  There is not much to do or see here if you are looking to shop or eat out.  That’s one of the reasons we love it here.  It is so quiet, no one on the beaches, no traffic or tourists to speak of.  Not even a stop light on the entire island.  Pure Heaven!!!

Mia saw a dog in the doorway of a local store front so she went in to meet him. The shop owner, Auntie Terri, told her his name was R.J. and assured us he was a lover.  Mia was out back with him in a flash, rubbing his belly and cooing over him.  On our way out Auntie Terri told us that he was only 2 years old and that she had rescued him from living wild in the mountains.  She went on to say that he was great when with her in the shop but a handful if left on his own at home.  Jordan asked if he was a “chewer” and she replied…”Well he somhow escaped the house and got the neighbor’s goat.”  “How’s the goat” we asked with alarm.  She simply stated “Dead.”    So much for a lover!  We laughed about the “goat killer” all the way home.  For parents that are a tad overprotective of their child this little adventure surely gave us puase!


We drove out to Halawa Valley the other day ans the scenery along the way was magnifiicent.  Once we arrived we took our time and explored a bit.  The views of Halawa Falls are stunning.  You really have the feeling of being at the end of the earth.

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